Civil Labs

The Civil Department is equipped with the

  • Survey Stores
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab
  • Environmental Lab and
  • CADD Lab, which are being upgraded periodically. The CAD Lab of the Civil Department is equipped with software such as the “Auto CAD Architectural Desktop”.

    Mechanical Workshops

    The Mechanical Department has well-equipped

  • Basic Workshops
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Hydraulic Lab
  • Pneumatics Lab
  • Foundry Lab
  • Machine Shop
  • Computer Lab
  • CAD/CAM and
  • CNC laboratory. These labs have been recently renovated and upgraded with latest technology.

    Electrical & Electronics Labs


    The Electrical & Electronics Department has an

  • Electric Wiring Lab
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Electrical Measurements Lab
  • High Voltage Lab and
  • CAD Lab, which support requirements of the syllabus.

    Electronic & Communication Labs


    The Electronics Department has

  • Electronics Labs
  • Digital Lab
  • Computer Lab and
  • Servicing Lab , which are well equipped and adequate to cater to the needs of the current semester syllabus.